My Resume

Here should be my resume. Now what’s that? Well, umm… I am currently employed by Right Brain Solution Limited (RBS) and working as Software Engineer (LAMP).

I am a problem solver. I’m the person you bring on board to simplify your work, automate your business, and generally use technology to make your business run smoother so that you can make more money. I focus on using open source technologies and innovative approaches to solve your business issues, fixing your work flow bugs, and transforming your business processes. However, I won’t shy away from any sorts of projects.

I am animated, spirited, and feisty. I bring power and momentum to any organization, project, or team. If you work with me, you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s Have a look on my resume


2 Responses to "My Resume"

Hi Nurul:
I was testing your plugin.
I wanted some changes to the slideshow.
Can we discuss. I want to see if what I have in mind is possible.

Please contact me…trying to use your facebook inbox tool….need help ASAP 🙂

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I am Nurul Ferdous a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE), serving at Bangladesh Internet Press Limited (BIPL) as programmer. I am a FOSS advocate and love RnD.


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