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Posted on: December 6, 2008

Are you working wih PHP MySQL? If your answer is yes, then you may have a look this free online test. This is an evaluation test for ZCE certification. You will find 8 questions there. Let me discuss on those questions a bit. Zillions of thanks to to organize this test:)

FYI I would like to suggest you not to read the rest of this post before completion of your test at :

Be back and read the rest of this post to check the correct answers. Good Luck!! Okay, Let’s start the test now!!

Q-1: How can precisely one byte be read from a file, pointed by $fp?

A) fseek($fp, 1)
B) fgets($fp, 1)
C) fgetss($fp, 1)
D) fgetc($fp)
E) All of the above

The right answer is: D

Q-2: What object method specifies post-deserialization behavior for an object?

A) __sleep()
B) __wakeup()
C) __set_state()
D) __get()
E) __autoload()

Right answer: B

Q-3: Where does the session extension store the session data by default?

A) SQLite Database
B) MySQL Database
C) Shared Memory
D) File System
E) Session Server

The right answer is: D

Q-4: Which of the following data types cannot be directly manipulated by the client?

A) Cookie Data
B) Session Data
C) Remote IP Address
D) User Agent

Right answer: B

Q-5: What is the difference between isset() and other is_*() functions (is_alpha(), is_number(), etc.)?

A) isset() is a function call and is_*() are not function calls
B) is_*() are language constructs and isset() is not a language construct
C) isset() is a language construct and is_*() are not language constructs
D) is_*() return a value whereas isset() does not

Right answer: C

Q-6: What will be the value of $b after running the following code?

$a = array(‘c’, ‘b’, ‘a’);
$b = (array) $a;

B) array(‘c’, ‘b’, ‘a’)
C) array(array(‘c’, ‘b’, ‘a’))
D) None of the above

Right answer: B

Q-7: Which of the following function signatures is correct if you want to have classes automatically loaded?

A) function autoload($class_name)
B) function __autoload($class_name, $file)
C) function __autoload($class_name)
D) function _autoload($class_name)
E) function autoload($class_name, $file)

Right answer: C

Q-8: What is the best way to run PHP 4 and PHP 5 side-by-side on the same Apache server?

A) Run one as an Apache module, the other as a CGI binary.
B) Run both as a CGI binary.
C) Just use .php4 for PHP 4, and .php for PHP 5.
D) Use .php for both but use different document roots.

Right answer: A


13 Responses to "Test your PHP skills"

It’s nice to learn something from you. This will help to build up my knowledge. Keep it up I am waiting for the next one.


selective and critical ( for me) question. thanks for sharing with us. special thanks for giving actual answer if u didn’t do it we might be faced with Google.

Шрифт трудновато читается у вас на блоге

По-больше бы таких статей.

Отличная статья, спасибо!

спасибо за запал темы…

У автора очень интересная точка зрения, на мой взгляд…

Думаю я у другого автора уже читал про данную тему

Кажысь я у другого автора уже читал про данную тему

your teaching skill is nice

I pray to the Allah for your success and go on.

HI bhaia!

I am xeina,studying CSE,1st year.I am really into these php mysql things,and I really wanna learn these stuff.I spend almost 12-13 hrs on my pc,trying to figure out the php .The only problem is,amar dharer kache 1000 mile er moddhe o kono gyani manush nai,je amake help korte parbe.So I was really frustrated,But janina kemne I found you today!

Thanks god!
Please bhaia,can you guide me through these stuff?Apnar ki kono training center ache?Ami apnar kache shikhte chai.

Please be my guide and I will be ever grateful to you.


ami khub e nadaan ekjon manus gyani na. ami ekhono PHP shikhtesi. Apnar moto amio gyani lok khujtesi shikhar jonno 😀 Apnar location bolle hoyto bolte partam ashe pashe kono training center ase kina. Tobe amar mone hoy PHP shikhte chaile apni nije e shikhte parben. coz tons of resources out there in Internet.
BTW you may send IM to me at

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