Got a SmugMug pro account for FREE!!

Posted on: November 11, 2008

I wrote a plugin for wordpress this week, you might know already that. But you might not know that I have been rewarded a SmugMug pro account for free which worths $150 yearly charge for integrating the SmugMug API with wordpress. Thanks goes to Markham Bennett the developer account manager of SmugMug for his approval.

What I found within these few days that SmugMug is a not a merely photo hosting website like picasa, flickr etc but also it provide an awesome way to make money by selling your creativity through their website.

SmugMug released HD video player that really works great here. While other photo sharing sites have added video, they have tiny little videos that only are allowed to be 90 seconds. And people wonder why SmugMug has hundreds of thousands of people paying real money for its services? What you think?


6 Responses to "Got a SmugMug pro account for FREE!!"

congrats 😀

hope you are enjoyign the blessings of open source development 😀

keep up the great works…

Keep going! no turnback time ahead 😀

It’s Rock ferdous bhai. Congrats keep it up.

Great work. Wish you go long long run.

Спасибо. Действительно все конкретно и очень практично. Будем применять.

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